Disney Cruise – 4/2008

Cruising was not something that I thought that I would like.  I actually found it very enjoyable.  I have done the 3 day twice, and the 4 day once.  This was a journey I wouldn’t forget.

The 7 day Western-Caribbean cruise on the Disney Magic was more than my family could expect.  If you are going on a cruise with Disney I would like to suggest that you hop on over to Http://www.DisBoards.Com.  Register as a user, and surf on down to the Cruise Meets & Greets section.  Once there find your cruise that you are going on, and post a greeting, and get to know some of the people you will get to meet.

On our cruise my family met quite a few really nice people / families.  One couple was getting married on the boat.  In the process of meeting there is a long lived tradition of Fish Extenders.  A Fish Extender is a “Pocket” that hangs outside your stateroom, and surprises are left by others that you meet on the boards, and sometimes even random people on the boat.  Here is a photo of one my wife made.

Going on a cruise is hard for some because you are in “Unknown Territory.”  By getting to meet some people that you will cruise with you essentially make friends before leaving.  Excursions, hanging out, and just being able to talk to others that are in the same position sometimes lightens the load.

During our cruise we stopped at Key West, Cozumel, Grand Cayman, and also Disney’s own island… Castaway Cay.  All of the stops were absolutelly beautiful.  Seeing some of the old time spots, and touring the locations was an educational journey for my daughter, wife, and also me.

The food is superb on the cruise.  Your dining staff moves to the different dining areas with you so that you are always dealing with the same people.  The only problem we had was keeping track of where to go, and making sure to get there on time.  We actually found that there is a seating that you can go to instead of your usual dining location that seats, serves, etc.. with the same quality you would get anywhere else on the boat.  It was at the buffet location.  There is limited seating, but it was worth it.

The shows on the boat were better than expected.  Disney puts on shows that you could only dream could happen in a big auditorium.  The fireworks show is even better on the boat because you are under it, and the show goes on all around you, in a sense.

This is a photo I made up of the group we met on the boards.  All of them were very nice.

I wish I could afford another cruise, but money is not there for me to be able to…  If I did another it would definitelly be the 7 day.

Here is one of Disney’s video clips about the cruise.

I will post more on Disney Cruising at another time.

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