T Minus 30 Days To Cruise

The anxiety is starting to get to us now.  We are now starting to prepare for our Back 2 Back cruise in April aboard the Disney Dream.  Usually I would already have asked my wife to have at least half of the packing done, but she has been busy making our Fish Extender gifts, and getting the T-Shirts finished for the other cruisers.

We have been showing our daughter videos, and photos of the ship.  We finally got to see a video of an inside stateroom like we will be staying in.  The rooms square footage is smaller than the last ship we were on, so we are wondering if they found a way to shrink the size of the mattresses, or if they had custom made furniture designed for this ship.

The virtual porthole is where the challenge waits.  My wife is a bit concerned about the virtual porthole being on at certain times, and hopes that there is a On/Off switch.  Have you been on the ship, and what did you see?

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Disney Dream Is More Than Expected

When we heard that there would be a new Disney Cruise ship we expected there to be small enhancements to what has been proven to work.  What we are finding out is that this ship is far more advanced than either of the other 2 ships in the fleet.  Coming sometime in 2012 will be the Disney Fantasy.  From what we have been getting in lines of information the Fantasy will be similar in a lot of ways to the Dream.  The Disney Dream has been taking VIP guests, and media on @3 day cruises for the last @1 week.  We would have loved to go on a media cruise, but that would have just ruined our trip in April.  At least this way we are totally surprised with what we find.  We have seen enough photos, but reality is a different thing.  On the first cruise we will be Silver Castaway member, but on the second cruise we will move up to the next level, and get even better gifts.  Here we come Disney Dream.  @80 days to go.

Go to DisneyCruise.Com for the Christening ceremony on January 19, 2011 at 10:30am EST.

From what we have gathered there will be numerous childrens areas, 2 adult dining areas, and several adult clubs.  Here is the information that we have so far, and you can find out more at DisneyCruise.Com.  If you look at the lists below you will see that there is considerably more of each than there were on other Disney ships.

Here is a question… How many beds are on the Dream?  How many more than the Magic, or Wonder?

Answer… 5007 and over 1900.

I am not going to explain the details about each of these, but you can read all you want at the DisneyCruise site.

I will make some comments based on information that I have.  Have you ever been on a Disney Cruise?  What did you think of the ship?

Youth Clubs & Activities

  • It’s A Small World Nursery
  • Disney’s Oceaneer Club
  • Disney’s Oceaneer Lab
  • Edge – Excellent addition for kids 11 to 13.  Games, internet, music, and more.
  • Vibe – Excellent addition for kids 14 to 17.  Games, internet, music, and more.
  • D Lounge – The family club.
  • Arr-cade – I will never turn down a good arcade.

Nightclubs & Lounges

  • 687 – Activities during the day.
  • Bon Voyage
  • Cove Cafe – All I can say is “Thank goodness for coffee.”  I hope that they don’t charge for the coffee.  Sorry.
  • Currents
  • District Lounge
  • Evolution
  • Meridian
  • Pink – From pictures this comes across to me as a “Girly” lounge.  Supposed to look like a champagne bottle.
  • Skyline – I like the idea of seeing different scenes each night.  It is something different than looking at the seas.
  • Vista Cafe – All I can say is “Thank goodness for coffee.”  I hope that they don’t charge for the coffee.  Sorry.
  • Waves


  • Animators Palate – Very well modified restaurant in comparison to previous ships.  Appearances by Crush.
  • Cabanas – Serving Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  (Casual)
  • Enchanted Garden – Looks like a very relaxing restaurant.
  • Palo – Adult dining – $10 fee applies
  • Remy – Adult dining – $10 fee applies
  • Royal Palace – A modified version of same named restaurants on other Disney ships.

Pools / Water

  • Donald’s Pool – Family pool
  • Mickey’s Pool – Childrens pool
  • Nemos Reef = This is a nice addition for the little kids.
  • Quiet Cove Pool – Adult only pool
  • Aquaduck – This looks “Ultra” kool.  I can’t wait to try this out for myself.
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Is The Disney Dream Worth The Cost

I have been on the Disney Magic, and the Disney Wonder in the past.  In April we are sailing on a “B2B” sailing of the Disney Dream.  I am curious if anyone has ever questioned if a Disney Cruise is / was worth the money spent.  When the wife and I decided to book this cruise we looked at all of our alternatives for paying for the cruise.  We looked at all of our credit cards interest rates, and even the cash advances

that they offer.  We ended up using our Disney Chase credit card because we got a few perks by doing this.  We got 6 months no interest, and we got $50 back per stateroom – per cruise. All in all we like the Disney Cruises because there are no casinos, and no funny business going on.  (At least none that anyone knows about.)  We enjoy that our little one likes Disney, and thus the cruise is ok for her.  On our last cruising we hardly ever saw her.  This cruising she is anxious to go back into the clubs again.  She met quite a few kids last time that she still talks to currently.

What we did realize after our 1st cruising is that if you are a DVC member that it isn’t the smartest thing to use points to book your cruise.  We pay cash / credit now, but will book the little one on points.  The points for the 3rd person and so on are very low in comparison to booking the 1st and 2nd passengers.

What are your thoughts on the Disney Cruise, and how do you pay when you go on cruises?

Here is a video that Disney has put into the movie theaters currently.

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Disney Had Affiliations With Highland Manor Property

While on a tour at the Highland Manor in Apopka we were shown the words that were written when Walt Disney had worked on a project.  The words “Dream Learn Do” appear on a wall.  This had something to do with the Wedding Chapel, and a deal that was working back in the day.

Here are pictures…

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Disney Dream Dining

Being that we are going away in April 2011 on the Disney Dream we have been discussing with my brother about our dining plans.  We are both discussing when we want to do the Adult Only restaurants.  During none of our past cruises have we dined in the Adult Only restaurants.  Money, and also the fact that we don’t like to dress up played a key part in that.  Reading about the upcoming food makes me wonder if I can find appetite suppressants that work.

One of the biggest things that has changed with the dining system on the Disney Dream is that there are 2 dining times.  Based on the dining time that you have you are given a specific time to see the shows.  The main dining seating is at 5:45pm, and the second is at 8:15pm.  If you are on the 5:45pm time for dining, then you will be on the 9:00pm showtime.  If you are on the 8:15pm dining, then you will be on the 7:00pm showtime.  Either dining times can request to be on the 5:00pm showtime.

If you are traveling with others be sure to have your reservations linked so that you can be seated together.  The dining rotation will be through Enchanted Garden, Royal Palace, and Animators Palate.  When you get onboard the Dream your Key To The World card will show your dining rotation.  There is now an additional Adult Only dining in comparison to the other cruise ships of Disneys.  There is the original Palo,and then there is Remy.  Either one has a $15 per person charge.  Cabanas is another restaurant that serves breakfast, or lunch.  At dinner the restaurant transforms into a table service dining experience.

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