Auto Racing In Disney Rundown

Last year I got the privelidge of doing a review on the Richard Petty Driving Experience at the Disney Speedway.  Once a participant arrives they are brought to the clothing counter to get fitted for their racing suit.  After that it is onto a classroom to watch a video on the “Do’s and Don’ts” of the experience.  Once you are done you are brought out to the track for final prep.

Track personell then takes you over to the car and gets your HANS device on, and your helmet. The HANS device made it a little uncomfortable for me to get into the car, but I was told that it is a bit odd for most people to enter the car with the HANS in place.  The helmet didn’t cause me any problems.

Now that there is a new experience called the Exotic Driving Experience at the tracks I wonder what kind of equipment that they are using.  Being these new cars are high end exotics I would be curious if the helmets are more like the Scorpion Exo type.  I understand safety, and I may be wrong, but a helmet is a helmet,  isn’t it?

Has anyone experience the Exotic Driving Experience as of yet?  What was it like?

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