T – Minus 18 Hours

We are making last minute preparations for our departure for Walt Disney World.  Where would you put the luggage on these cars?  I wish…


If all goes right I will be out of here by 1pm. (This is barring waiting for the housesitter) We don’t have to wait for our friends, as they are driving casual, and leaving before us.  I will probably still get to Disney before them.  Wife is currently making final preparations… vacuuming the car, and cleaning the windshield on car.  The little one has been hard at work between school, and helping out with her packing.  She asked if I had one of my ipods still so that she could listen to music, but unfortunatelly I don’t.  She will have to work with whatever I can give her.

I just found out that we are going to go to Mickey’s Not So Scary event in the Magic Kingdom.

Well, I will definitelly be updating everyone while we are away.  I will try to get some videos, and postings up shortly after we arrive.

Don’t forget to send me your requests.  If there is a LEGAL way to get something, or get information, then I will do it.

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