Disney Grand Floridian DVC

Today we received a packet from Disney Vacation Club (DVC) showing the floorplans of the upcoming Grand Floridian DVC Resort.  For many years my family went to the Grand Floridian for our vacations.  I don’t think I could afford a vacation like that now.  Gold Key was the ultimate in packages.  Having bathrobes, and a stocked mini refrigerator was just a few of the things that the rooms had.

Some other things that I always liked about the Grand Floridian was that the resort was very close to the Magic Kingdom, has monorail access, and high end customer service unlike any other Disney resort.  I still enjoy eating at 1900 Park Fare.  My little brother used to have his B-Day celebrated at one of the restaurants in the Grand Floridian.


If there was a way to live at the Grand Floridian for the rest of my life I would pick up and move right now.  I would spend all that I could to get the house packed up in a truck rental, and get down there immediatelly.  I would have to get used to how some people act when they are there.  (Some people think that they are above other people because of the expense that comes with staying at the Grand Floridian.)

The Grand Floridian is the absolute best place a person could stay if money was no object.

From what I have read there is going to be 2 options available.  The first is a defined week.  The second is the standard point system.  I don’t know how I would like the defined week system.  I like to pick and choose when I go away.  Having only 200 points I am sure that the points required to stay at the Grand Floridian are going to be far out of my reach unless I was to bank one year, and also borrow the following year.

The Grand Floridian will have the same DVC options as the others… Studio, 1 Bedroom, 2 Bedroom, and 3 Bedroom Grand Villa.

Has anyone stayed at the Grand Floridian?

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Cruising To New Ports For Us

We are all set with our reservations for 2014 to go on another Disney cruise.  This cruise is different for us because it is going to Jamaica, along with a few other ports of call.  We have never been to Jamaica.  My wife is doing some various searches to see what kind of shopping there is in Jamaica.  When we go to the Bahamas we get our Key Lime items.  When we did the Keys we bought cigars, and humidors for cigars.  Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island, is just another extension of the Bahamas so nothing special is ever bought there.

Has anyone ever cruised to Jamaica?  What is it like?  Is the port anything like the Bahamas port that you get ambushed at by many peddlers?  Let me know what you think.

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Timeshare Remodels Seem Better

I have been in quite a few of the DVC resorts before, and after their refurbishments.  The resorts do appear, and look different.  The latest refurbishment we were around for was Old Key West.  The most recent resort we stayed in after refurbishment was Animal Kingdom Villas. The rooms seemed to increase in space for some reason.  I am not sure if it was just changes in some of the furniture, or the fact that the tvs are now concealed on what appears to be peerless mounts in the furniture.  I have also found that the mattresses seem more comfortable.

Have you ever stayed at a DVC resort?  Which one?  How did you like it?

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Disney Timeshare Are Quite Authentic

Now that I have owned my timeshare for a few years we have visited quite a few of the resorts in the Disney Vacation Club system. Each of the resorts has their own personalized look to them. There is a broad selection of looks that you can find. I have not caught a glimpse of what the new Grand Floridian DVC resort will look like. My family has stayed at the Grand Floridian, and the atmosphere is very nice, and the look of the resort is very unique.

My family like the Animal Kindgom Lodge. The rooms have a look as if they came straight out of Africa. They may not have rustic dining tables, but they fit with the theme perfectly. If you don’t know it, or have never seen the DVC resorts then you should know that Disney does a spectacular job at revolving their resorts around a specific theme.

The one resort that I haven’t fully figured out is Old Key West. The look of that resort is very similar to the look of the Boardwalk Resort.

What are your thoughts on the DVC Resorts? Do you think that they have done a good job at decorating the resorts?

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Animal Kingdom Villas Review

We just returned from Disney World today.  We drove down the day after Christmas, and left Florida on the 3rd.  While we were there we stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  Our room was located in Jambo House.  This is the original hotel location that got several floors upgraded for DVC member accommodations.  We stayed there once previously, but it was not in a DVC accommodation because they weren’t fully finished as of yet.

As we entered the building we were teased with the smells of African food from one of the restaurants.  Being that we were situated with our food we did not have a chance to dine in the restaurants this trip.  We have heard that the restaurants are good.

Staying in the Jambo House we have found that the rooms have great views.  The layout of the 1 bedroom is slightly different than we are used to in comparison to Old Key West.  There is no FULL size jacuzzi tub.  There is a couch bed, and a chair bed in addition to the master bed.  In general the room felt slightly smaller than the Old Key West rooms.  We were in a Savannah view room.  Stepping out your porch door and seeing giraffe, and more just seems to make it so much more worth it.

The downside to Jambo House is that there is very few smoking areas.  You either need to go the the front of the building, or to the pool area.  This has a lot to do with animal safety.  The room had carpeting, and the kitchen, and bath were tiled.  The one thing that we would really find to be a nice change would be for the rooms to have wood flooring like the alloc original laminate that we have seen in some other timeshares.  The buses seemed to take forever.  I am sure that this had a lot to do with the holidays.

The lodge had their Christmas tree up still when we got there.  Towards the end of our stay we noticed some of the decorations being removed.  Overall the lodge is very nice looking, and the accomodations are acceptable.

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