Now It’s Time To Say Goodbye…

I have decided to take a break from tonights packing to post an update for all of you.

We are slated to leave tomorrow morning, but as it is obviously written somewhere in cyberspace…  I know we will not be out of here on time.  Something will go wrong if it can go wrong.

Our first stop will be at The Palms.  Then on Easter Sunday we move over to Old Key West.

I will be online when possible, but vacationing isn’t about being on a computer.  I wanted to bring my PS3, but I didn’t really think my wife would go for that.  I am going to miss playing Battlefield: Bad Company.  Me, and the neighbor make a good team.  For some reason we think alike when it comes to this game.  Agh… I will have to see a Psychologist upon returning due to the withdrawals.

Bob… Don’t get shot too many times.  You will have to work at it without your wingman.

Anyone going to Disney… Drop me a line.

Good Night all.

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