Easter In Disney

For many years we have made a point of being in Disney World for Easter.  My daughter has enjoyed this holiday because of all the festivities that Disney has for the kids.  As DVC members we get to go to the Boardwalk Resort, and she gets together with hundreds of other kids in crafts, games, and grouped Easter candy gathering.

This year we won’t be able to partake in the fun because our school system changed our schedule so drastically, and we won’t be able to be there.  We are going on a cruise the week prior, and we have been trying to decide if we are going to order one of the Easter baskets for kids that Disney does offer.

Being that we are going to be home on Easter we are thinking that we will probably just leave the miscellanous expenses behind, and just leave it out because she is getting older, and probably won’t mind if she doesn’t get a huge basket.  We are not sure what we are doing for Easter yet, but more than likely we will just relax, and get some things done after @2 weeks of being away.

What do you do when you are away during holidays?

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Disney During The Holidays

Going to Disney World during the holidays has been something that we have been doing for a few years.  We have gone during Easter, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.  We enjoy Easter the most because of the weather, and the activities that go on around the resort.  During Easter the children all get to participate in some serious candy grabbing.  During Halloween the kids get to Trick Or Treat at Disney locations, and enjoy Disney themed parties at the resorts.  We haven’t gone during Christmas because we like to be in our home for that portion of the year, but we have discussed doing Christmas, and New Years one year in the future.  I guess that I could make that would be something that you might find in red envelope christmas gifts for mom.  It would be very different for us because we are usually having a family get together, and other Christmas festivities around our house.

Have you gone to Disney during Christmas?  How are the crowds, and have you noticed any major difference over other times of the year?

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Easter Eggs In Disney

While we were in Disney World this past Easter we went to the Grand Floridian to eat at 1900 Park Fare.  One of the ladies that worked there pointed out where some of the Easter decorations were that were put out, and then took us over to them.  Disney had made some eggs, and put them out for everyone to see.  The eggs must have take some serious amount of time to create.  Thank goodness they were inedible because I would hate to be someone that would want to eat one.  They would definitelly need to do a diet pill review after eating one of them.  Disney does a lot of creative decorating during a lot of the holidays.  I have yet to find any of the decorations edible, even though I know that if they wanted to make edible decorations they could.  They probably don’t get involved because of the amount of people that come in contact with the decorations.  The gingerbread houses around Disney look, and smell so good that I wish I could grab a piece, and eat it whenever I see them. 

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Disney Photo Of Day 1


This photo was taken at the entrance to Epcot which is currently running the Flower & Garden Festival.

Keep looking for more photos.

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Strange Medical Phone Call

This year we went to Disney World for Easter.  There was a Easter festival in the Disney area so we took the little one since she was missing out on everything that was going on at home.  There were a lot of area businesses there giving away free goodies to the children, and offering services out to the adults.

While waiting for our little one to finish up one of the activities a back doctor offered to give me a back checkup.  I agreed to it thinking that it wouldn’t hurt for me to do this.  He said my back was a bit out, and I should think about seeing someone.  I told him that I had seen doctors several times for a blown disc, and that I just couldn’t afford the time out of work anymore, and the pain had gone away for the most part.

A month or two later I got a call from a medical office in my area asking if my problem was still there, and if I wanted to have a doctor get in touch with me to see if anything could be done.

For some reason it almost seemed like I was a health insurance lead, and everyone wanted to take care of me.

Was it just my luck, or are doctors really starting to care?  Could it be a paycheck that they care about?

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