Cruise Eating

Disney Cruise food is excellent.  I am sure if you have been on a Disney Cruise that you know this as well.  There is always something good at your table, and the deck parties bring even more dangerous eating to the situation.  We leave for our cruise in @40 days.  While this is great we have all been concerned that we are going to come back looking like “Augustus” from Willy Wonka.  This concern comes because after cruising Disney 3+ times we know the kind of food that they serve, and how much we “CAN” eat.  We have decided that even though we are on vacation we will have to breakdown, and attempt to use the fitness center on the boat.  Here is how I plan on getting around all of this… I will make sure that my pre workout supplement consists of lots of good food, and I will just have to workout just a bit more to get it off after.

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Cholestrol In Disney Dining

Added tip for vacationing in Disney…

When going to Disney if you have high cholesterol it’s best to stay away from a lot of the restaurants in Epcot.  The one in England that sells the Fish and Chips is one that comes to mind quickest.  The food there is great, but even people who don’t have the problem of high cholesterol might need a cholesterol treatment.  Like my wife always jokes about after we eat there she’ll say “Shhhh! Do you hear that?  That’s our arteries hardening up.”

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Disney – All You Can Eat


While I am not a big eater by any means, I enjoy a good “All You Can Eat” / “Buffet” from time to time when I go away.  I have had the chance to visit quite a few locations in Disney World, and now I will put them in writing to help you plan your trip when you go.

Keep in mind that this list was compiled based on my last visit, so with the way Disney changes packages, some of these may have changed.
The location is first, followed by the name.

A * noted before the location denotes no characters.

Norway – Akershus House
Contemporary – Chef Mickeys
*Fort Wilderness – Trails End
Grand Floridian – 1900 Park Ave.
Magic Kingdom – Liberty Tree Tavern
Polynesian – O’Hana
Magic Kingdom – Crustal Palace
*Disney MGM – Hollywood & Vine
*Fort Wilderness – Hoop Dee Doo
Beach Club – Cape May Cafe
Epcot – Garden Grill
Animal Kingdom – Restaurantosaurus

The food at each of these locations was excellent.  Service was always good.  Value for the price was always just about right.  If you are on vacation, and operating casual, then eat your first meal a little later in the morning.  This can actually help you save money by not needing a full lunch.

When we go away we will snack in the morning, or eat a “All You Can Eat” / “Buffet” a little later than immediatelly upon waking up.  We take our time, and enjoy ourselves.  Latelly we have been using our DVC perks to their fullest.  We will shop at Super Wal-Mart when we get to Disney.  Then we will cook a meal in the room for breakfast.  We don’t really do lunch, or we will pack whatever each of us wants.  We almost always eat dinner in our DVC villa.  By staying on grounds in a DVC location we can hop back and forth from our accomodations to the park, or even shopping.

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