Disney Weddings…Would You Bid To Go?


As most of you have seen on tv, Disney has some of the most beautiful weddings. For quite some time my wife, and I have been having a discussion about having a wedding ceremony in Disney. We didn’t have a very elaborate ceremony originally,and wouldn’t mind doing it over in Disney.

My wife saw a news story about a man that had put him, and his family up for bid on EBay. He was giving his friendship for 24hours. She brought having a wedding at Disney with the same pretense to my attention, and I told her to forget it, and noone would pay to go to someones wedding. She begs to differ with me on this.

She has come up with this grand plan of $1000-$1500 bid to attend our wedding, and you will get a room for the week along with the wedding ceremony.

I am a realist, and don’t think that anyone would actually bid for this opportunity.

Would you pay to attend someones wedding? What if it was at Disney with a room included?

Please… I ask all of you… Put my wifes mind to rest about this. I need to hear all of your thoughts on this. If all goes well, then maybe we will actually do this. I personally think she is totally crazy.

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