Disney World & Our Dieting Economy

Our economy keeps to its diet very well.  It seems that more, and more people are loosing their jobs, and homes.  Strangely enough people are still able to afford vacationing.  I have read many news articles that Disney is continually looking at ways to draw crowds.

The econonomic problems facing everyone are like diet pills that work.  People love to go to Disney, but Disney isn’t FREE.  Even with incentives like FREE dining, and FREE admission on your birthday, the amount of people aren’t there like they used to be.  I can remember when Disney World was pretty much full during most months.  Reports I have read state that attendance has dipped badly.

In my eyes Disney is probably doing everything that they can to keep the prices low.  The other area attractions have to offer huge amounts of discounts, and FREEBIES in order to get people through their gates.  Disney is unique, and thus does not need to resort to these tactics.

I know if it wasn’t for the fact that I have a DVC timeshare that I would not be able to go to Disney World in the fashion that I do.  All we pay now is fuel to get there, and food.  We have elected to get annual passes because they are very well worth every penny.  I even saved more money a year ago when I paid off my timeshare with a credit card that had a very low interest fee for the duration of the payments.  Now my DVC is almost paid off.

I have previously posted quite a vast amount of information that can help almost anyone save money when trying to go to Disney World.  Search the site, and you will find something that will help you.

For discounted Disney World tickets click HERE.

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Disney & Our Current Economy

I was talking to someone the other day, and they were telling me that they were looking to go to Disney, but money was a bit rough with them at that time.  I tried working them out some prices for when they were looking to go.

After discussing the possibility of going he told me that he had to finish up with his debt consolidation before he could entertain the thought anymore.

The economy is reducing a lot of vacations from everything I am reading.  I can only afford to go away because I own my timeshare with Disney.  If it wasn’t for that factor, then my family probably wouldn’t be going to Disney again at this point in time.

We aren’t going to fly, but instead we are driving.  The cost of driving is cheaper than flying because I own the car, and I won’t have to get a rental when getting there, plus I can make my own agenda for vacation, rather than dealing with flight schedules, etc.

We got a Studio Villa in Old Key West Resort, and then moving over to a Studio with Savannah View at Animal Kingdom Villas.  We are more than likely going to get the food plan.  It would probably work out to be roughly the same price as buying foods to cook, and purchasing snacks in the parks.

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Vacationing & The Economy

We decided last year that we would have to cut our vacationing down to once a year because money just isn’t what it used to be.  I was looking over my reservations for this year, and realized that I was going to be paying @$400 for a campsite at Ft. Wilderness.  Can you believe that?  @$400 for 3 nights on a site, and I supply my camper.  Thinking about the money we would be spending just in transporting the camper, and time I would have to add onto the travel was all it took.  I called Disney, and asked them for a price for a room at the All Stars, and they told me that it was @400.  I thought about it, and being that it is only for a few days prior to staying at Old Key West we decided that we would look around to see what the outside was charging.

We checked with one of our favorite locations.  The Palms Hotel & Villas told me that they were @$250 for the same days.  Now, I realize that they aren’t on grounds, and for most that may be important, but for us we are driving, and The Palms is actually closer to Disney than most would believe.


Has anyone else had to modify their vacation plans because of the economy?

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Unconfirmed Disney Rumors

Realizing the economy is very bad right now, and tourism is at a low I am reading more, and more “Rumors” about measures Disney is going to take. I personally don’t think that Disney is going to make any major cutbacks. Even though the economy is bad, people still will go away on vacations, and such. Between the long-hauler DVC members, and corporate executives, and whatever casual vacationers, there is still enough to make things work.

Disney temporarily closing hotels doesn’t seem to be a plausible idea in my mind. Think about it… Disney owns there utilities. The higher up employees are salary. The buildings are built already. It would take time to reopen a building if they closed it for any length of time.

What is your take on these “Rumors”?

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