Renting A Camper For Disney World

Back a few years ago my wife, and I decided that we wanted to try out staying in a rv in Fort Wilderness.  We drove down, and rented a camper from El Monte RV.  I had never driven a camper, and this was an experience.  I had to drive it down I-4 to get to Disney World.  I decided to take this trip very slow because I didn’t take the motorhome insurance that they offered.  I am a very cheap guy, and usually those policies are just pocket change for those that are charging it.

We setup in Fort Wilderness, and we ended up enjoying ourselves very much.  Previous to this trip my wife, and I only stayed in Ft. Wilderness once before.  That trip was a disaster, as we got flooded out, and we ended up getting a hotel room for the remainder of the trip.  My parents were in a camper on the opposite side of the road.  Now that we are DVC members we don’t think much about doing this type of vacation anymore.  The labor involved in camping is a bit much for me.  (Especially when I am on vacation.)  Even going camping now is a bit of a chore, but I have been teaching the wife, and little one how to help me hook up, and unhook.

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