Disney Unsafe? Not In My Eyes!

Someone I know was talking to me the other day about vacationing.  We were discussing Disney World.  He asked me about how safe Disney World really is because he had read a lot of things, and didn’t want to make the kids worry.  This was resulting from the amount of accidents that have occured over the past year or two.  I explained to him that every park has situations, and then there is also the case of ruthless people that try to get something for nothing, or by using their problems to get forward in life.

Disney has had their fair share of mishaps, but as far as I read they don’t even seem to be Disney’s fault majority of the time.  Not just in Disney, but people try to sue for their own foolishness on a normal basis.Disney is by far one of the safest parks that I will ever take my family to.  When there is an emergency Disney has their own force of security, medical, and fire personell.  I also know that they work with the area sherrif, police, and other emergency services.  If there was a bad enough situation I am sure that they have a way to get medical air evacuation too.

How do you feel about Disney and the safety measures that you have seen?

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