Getting A Job With Disney

A few years ago I told the wife that I wanted to work for Disney.  She said that the next time we went to Disney World I could go to the HR department, and apply.  Being we were on vacation already I wouldn’t have to spend money to go to Florida, or anything else.  The employment screening process seems to take some time.  I didn’t think that I would be there all day, but in the end I was.  I was finally talked to, and after hearing my approximate starting pay I decided against working for the Mouse.

I still have dreams of one day working for Disney, but I think they are just that… Dreams.  By the time I move, and everything the money would have to be very good, and currently with the economy I don’t think I am going to have anyone kicking down my door to pay me what I would want.  I just read the other day that Disney is now trying to get people to work at the Hawaii DVC location.  That would be a great job, and I would love to have it.  If it didn’t require moving, then I would applly.

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