Getting A Job With Disney

If you are ever thinking about pursuing a job with Disney it is very easy, but may take a little while.  When you are there are there all you have to do is go to the employment building which is right across from Downtown Disney.  Once there just fill out the necessary applications, and if there is an available person you can get a interview.

I am sure that once you apply you have to go through drug testing, and pre-employment screening, but that won’t be during the first visit as far as I know.  When I applied for employment with Disney I got to speak to someone, and they were going to see if there was a job that fit my desires.  A week later I got a call with the offered work, and the rate of pay that I could receive if hired.

Being we make decisions as a family I discussed the opportunity with my wife.  She told me that I could take the job, but I would have to go to work in Orlando for a month, or so before she would make the jump of moving down to Florida.  I understand her reasons to this.  I ended up not taking the job because I enjoy working for myself, and I do exactly what I like doing.  I am sure that I could have gotten a good position with Disney, but at that time the changes would have been major for us.

Who knows… Maybe when I am older I will rethink the whole idea again.  I would rather greet people at Disney World instead of greeting people at WalMart.

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Getting A Job With Disney

A few years ago I told the wife that I wanted to work for Disney.  She said that the next time we went to Disney World I could go to the HR department, and apply.  Being we were on vacation already I wouldn’t have to spend money to go to Florida, or anything else.  The employment screening process seems to take some time.  I didn’t think that I would be there all day, but in the end I was.  I was finally talked to, and after hearing my approximate starting pay I decided against working for the Mouse.

I still have dreams of one day working for Disney, but I think they are just that… Dreams.  By the time I move, and everything the money would have to be very good, and currently with the economy I don’t think I am going to have anyone kicking down my door to pay me what I would want.  I just read the other day that Disney is now trying to get people to work at the Hawaii DVC location.  That would be a great job, and I would love to have it.  If it didn’t require moving, then I would applly.

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Friends Leaving Their Job At Disney

I just got a call from a long time friend, and she was telling me that she was going to be leaving her job at Disney.  She was telling me that she is worried that she might be cut because of the economic issues that are going on, and jobs are continually in jeopardy.  I didn’t understand that being Disney World is probably one of the biggest vacation destinations that you could go to.  She explained that the tourism rates have been low, thus causing some employers in Florida to have to tighten their belts.

I know she was there for quite some time, but I guess that if she leaves on good terms she can always go back if she wants.  She told me that she was going to move to the Carolinas.  I asked why, and I was told that everything is a bit cheaper there, and on top of that the North Carolina health insurance, auto insurance, and most insurances are very reasonible.  I thought of moving to the Carolinas at one point in time, but realized that I didn’t want to move my family, or my business.

This will make 2 friends that have left their job at Disney.  Others I know have left Florida in general, but leaving Disney is the amazing thing.

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