Disney Has Some Very Fast Service

My wife and I always joke about Disney being surrounded by a bubble.  Why we say that is because whenever there is a storm that blows through Florida it seems as if Disney always escapes unscathed.  You would think that based on their location that they would have some sort of damage.  Now either they have damage, and their workers are extremelly fast, or they can build a “Construction Wall” very fast to engulf the problem.  You never notice Disney workers in full body suits cleaning up hazardous materials, or mold components, either.

It is truly very amazing at how fast Disney is at servicing their customers, and their property.  If you look around after storms usually it looks as if it takes forever for things to get back to normal.  Up where I live Sandy blew through, and it left a wake of problems in its trail.  The electrical outages topped everything that I have ever read.  There was destruction.  The mold that came from the water levels is one of the problems that is being faced up here.

Have you ever noticed how fast they can put a facade up when they need one?  Then you also notice the facades that will probably be up forever.  (The one at River Country…)  I recently watched some of the Fantasyland construction videos that I saw initially some time ago.  I was amazed at seeing the wall go up around the back end where the construction was to start.  With workers, and plans that Disney makes you can only imagine what they could do if they didn’t have to have everything inspected.

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