Upcoming Vacation To Orlando

At the end of March we are taking a small trip down to Orlando.  We are going to stay in one of our timeshare resorts on Disney grounds.  This year it will be the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  For the most part we usually bounce around between Old Key West, and the Animal Kingdom Lodge because of point values on our DVC membership.  We have quite a bit of plans already made, but there are still some things that need attending to.  This year we have also made considerable changes to our clothing situation.  My wife is currently making sure that her shoes are going to be comfortable enough for the trip.  She always has aching feet by the end of our trip.  If we get there and she is having issues we may have to go out and find her some sort of better supporting sneakers, or even orthaheel sandals if they can be found.

We have 1 day in the Disney parks already arranged.  From there we will probably check out some of the area attractions.  Our daughter has gotten tired of Disney.  Now that I have said that I will add this… I never thought that any child of mine would grow tired of Disney.  I mean it’s not like we go into the parks every single day.  We usually only go into the parks 1 or 2 times.

During this trip we have already discussed that we mainly want to hit a few rides, and also check out the new additions to Fantasyland.  From the photos, and videos that I have seen I don’t foresee being disappointed with what they have accomplished.

One thing that I think that Disney should do is find some sort of way to give DVC members access to a special “Fastpass”.  After all the DVC members have spent quite a bit of money.

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Getting A Job With Disney

If you are ever thinking about pursuing a job with Disney it is very easy, but may take a little while.  When you are there are there all you have to do is go to the employment building which is right across from Downtown Disney.  Once there just fill out the necessary applications, and if there is an available person you can get a interview.

I am sure that once you apply you have to go through drug testing, and pre-employment screening, but that won’t be during the first visit as far as I know.  When I applied for employment with Disney I got to speak to someone, and they were going to see if there was a job that fit my desires.  A week later I got a call with the offered work, and the rate of pay that I could receive if hired.

Being we make decisions as a family I discussed the opportunity with my wife.  She told me that I could take the job, but I would have to go to work in Orlando for a month, or so before she would make the jump of moving down to Florida.  I understand her reasons to this.  I ended up not taking the job because I enjoy working for myself, and I do exactly what I like doing.  I am sure that I could have gotten a good position with Disney, but at that time the changes would have been major for us.

Who knows… Maybe when I am older I will rethink the whole idea again.  I would rather greet people at Disney World instead of greeting people at WalMart.

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Large Scale Disney Puzzles

My wife and I love to find new things for us to do as a family.  One of the things that we have not done yet is to sit together as a family and work on a jigsaw puzzle.  Finding a good puzzle that is not too hard isn’t very easy.  What I would like to locate is a large scale puzzle dealing with Disney.  Because of a search I did on the internet I found a really nice site by Educa for puzzles the other day, but they like almost everyone else do not have anything Disney.

Puzzles don’t only have to be put together and then boxed up or thrown away.  A lot of puzzles look real nice as wall hangings, table covers, and other things.

Can you give me any suggestions where I might find some Disney puzzles lets say in the 1,000 piece category?  I don’t want any kiddie puzzle.  I would like to have a challenging activity for me, and my family.

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Disney For The Holidays

This year we are going to Disney World right after Christmas.  We still have family here so we have to make our appearances at their homes.  We are going to be in Disney for New Years.  We have already planned it out that we will be in the Magic Kingdom when the ball drops.  We haven’t done Disney at this time of year in a long time.  Keeping the weather in mind we have all packed some very thick jackets so that we don’t freeze.  From everything I have been reading, and watching the weather gets down at night.  Maybe ski jackets would work great.

We are all hoping that the crowds work with us while we are there being that we are only getting 1 park hopper each.  It will be nice to see the lights throughout the parks, and the Osbourne light display at Hollywood Studios.

Have you ever done Disney World during the holidays?  What did you think?

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Vacationing With Others

This past October we were surprised to find that my brother-in-law (M), his wife (R), and his daughter (O) had gone to Disney World.  They called me, and found out that we were there.  We thought that it would be a bad move to do Disney World with M, but strangely enough we actually had a good time.  He has made comments in the past that it would be miserable.  He was rather shocked to see we are very nice people when we are on vacation.

I feel bad for his wife because she was pregnant when they went, and I am sure it was rough.  She didn’t smoke during her pregnancy, while in Disney she stayed off the rough rides, and I am sure that she had to be on some of the best prenatal vitamins because M wants the best.  I don’t know how she did it, but quitting smoking is very hard to do.  We are going to be testing electronic cigarettes while we are in Disney this trip.

Each day they met us at our room in The Disney Animal Kingdom Villas.  They thought that the view from our room was nice.  We wanted to go swimming, but there was a slight chill, and we didn’t want the kids to get sick.  We love the pools in Disney because they are nicely designed, and they have a lot of things for kids to do.

We made the comment to R that we were going to go on a Disney Cruise in 2011, and she seems interested, but I don’t think that M will let it happen.  I can understand because the baby will still be a bit young, and how can you really enjoy yourself on a cruise when you have a little one to care for.  Once they get older it is easier.

Last time we were supposed to go on a cruise with M there was a small mishap, and caused O to be in a cast.  They didn’t think she would enjoy it much, so they had to cancel.  Disney cruises are great no matter what is all I have to say.  We enjoy them so much we are going to be taking 2 cruises back to back in 2011.  (A 3 night, and a 4 night)

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