Upcoming Vacation To Orlando

At the end of March we are taking a small trip down to Orlando.  We are going to stay in one of our timeshare resorts on Disney grounds.  This year it will be the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  For the most part we usually bounce around between Old Key West, and the Animal Kingdom Lodge because of point values on our DVC membership.  We have quite a bit of plans already made, but there are still some things that need attending to.  This year we have also made considerable changes to our clothing situation.  My wife is currently making sure that her shoes are going to be comfortable enough for the trip.  She always has aching feet by the end of our trip.  If we get there and she is having issues we may have to go out and find her some sort of better supporting sneakers, or even orthaheel sandals if they can be found.

We have 1 day in the Disney parks already arranged.  From there we will probably check out some of the area attractions.  Our daughter has gotten tired of Disney.  Now that I have said that I will add this… I never thought that any child of mine would grow tired of Disney.  I mean it’s not like we go into the parks every single day.  We usually only go into the parks 1 or 2 times.

During this trip we have already discussed that we mainly want to hit a few rides, and also check out the new additions to Fantasyland.  From the photos, and videos that I have seen I don’t foresee being disappointed with what they have accomplished.

One thing that I think that Disney should do is find some sort of way to give DVC members access to a special “Fastpass”.  After all the DVC members have spent quite a bit of money.

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Disney Has Some Very Fast Service

My wife and I always joke about Disney being surrounded by a bubble.  Why we say that is because whenever there is a storm that blows through Florida it seems as if Disney always escapes unscathed.  You would think that based on their location that they would have some sort of damage.  Now either they have damage, and their workers are extremelly fast, or they can build a “Construction Wall” very fast to engulf the problem.  You never notice Disney workers in full body suits cleaning up hazardous materials, or mold components, either.

It is truly very amazing at how fast Disney is at servicing their customers, and their property.  If you look around after storms usually it looks as if it takes forever for things to get back to normal.  Up where I live Sandy blew through, and it left a wake of problems in its trail.  The electrical outages topped everything that I have ever read.  There was destruction.  The mold that came from the water levels is one of the problems that is being faced up here.

Have you ever noticed how fast they can put a facade up when they need one?  Then you also notice the facades that will probably be up forever.  (The one at River Country…)  I recently watched some of the Fantasyland construction videos that I saw initially some time ago.  I was amazed at seeing the wall go up around the back end where the construction was to start.  With workers, and plans that Disney makes you can only imagine what they could do if they didn’t have to have everything inspected.

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Fantasyland Expansion Timeline

Being Disney is never exact on their timelines I would follow this timeline as if I were a betting man.  This is information that was mentioned at the recent D23 convention.

Early 2012 – Half of Storybook Circus with double dumbo, great goofini coaster,fantasyland train station, casey jr.

Late 2012 (November-December) – Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid ride, Be Our Guest restaurant, Beauty and the Beast village, Belle meet-and-greet, Castle wall

Early 2013 – Remaining half of Storybook Circus with Pete’s Silly Sideshow

Late 2013 – Seven Dwarfs Mine Train roller coaster

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Moving The Pooh Tree

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What Happens To Toontown & The Homes Of the Mice?

If you have ever been to Walt Disney World, then you know that at the back of the Magic Kingdom sits 2 homes that belong to the 2 Head Cheeses… (No Pun Intended!)  Well, if you haven’t been there, then here is some information.  Mickeys Toontown was created at the back of the Magic Kingdom.  It is home to Goofy’s Barnstormer, Donalds boat, Mickeys house, Minnies house, and Judges Tent.  There is also a train station at the back of Toontown.

While the public has no idea when the refurbishment will start I will venture to guess that it will more than likely start after the Easter holiday concludes.  I have been to Disney a lot, and historically they seem to do a lot of their changes after this date.

Judges Tent is a place for children to meet several “groups” of Disney characters.  It is also home of some Disney merchandise.

Goofys Barnstormer is a childs roller coaster.

Donalds boat is a playarea for children.  The S.S. Miss Daisy has some leaks in her, so you may get wet.

Mickeys house features a house that is in total disarray. 

Minnies house is a clean house with everything in its place.  Her house features her craft room, living room, kitchen, garden, and her office.  Put on your best makeup, and face creams because on occasion you can meet Minnie in the backyard.

When the proposed Fantasyland refurbishment happens what will happen to our hosts homes?  I don’t know, but I hope that they do something, as “It all began with a Mouse.”

D23 FantasyLand Rendition

In the new Fantasyland they have stated that you will be able to meet with the princesses at their homes, Ariel will be getting her own area finally, and Dumbo will be getting a huge overhaul.

While this overhaul will take a serious amount of time I think it will be a good thing for some change to come to the Magic Kingdom.  This will also help Disney considerable because the park limit will now be increased, which will result in more revenue.

I will post tomorrow with other renditions of the proposed Fantasyland that were presented at D23.

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