What is DVC? Disney Vacation Club

I am NOT a salesperson for DVC.  I do not represent DVC.  I am only giving information about a program that I find value in.  I have saved money by being a DVC member, and you can too.

Many times I have heard people around the parks in Disney World asking what is DVC?  Rather than sending them to a kiosk I carry referral cards, and I also try to talk with them a few minutes.


DVC… Disney Vacation Club… Many years ago timeshares popped up out of the ground, and companies started making money.  Around 15 years ago Disney saw this, and decided what better way to allow people to vacation, save money, and enjoy themselves.

With @ 10 locations in Disney, and over 500 worldwide locations that the points can be used at you can’t go wrong.  There are even member only functions that you can participate in once you are a DVC member.

Here is something most don’t realize when they look at other timeshares… You get a set week each year.  You own it for “LIFE.”  So what ‘s the matter with the other systems you ask.  Well, nothing is forever, so “LIFE” comes with strings attached.  Set weeks means that you must travel at a specific time each year.  You can trade off your weeks, but there are no guarantees.

I know you are asking… What is the big difference with DVC?  With DVC you purchase a set of points.  Those points come with a point schedule.  Each day of the week has a different point value, and different seasons carry different point values.  If you purchased 200 points you could take 2+ weeks in Disney, or travel somewhere really exotic.

The DVC Resorts are those that are in the Disney Resorts.

The Orlando Disney World Resort area has: The Boardwalk, Saratoga Springs, Old Key West, Animal Kingdom Villas, Wilderness Lodge, Bay Lake Towers, Beach Club Villas, and others.

The Anaheim DisneyLand Resort area has: The Grand Californian.

Another location that has been announced is: Hawaii.

Disney also allows you to cruise on your points.

Currently you can purchase a DVC ownership for @ $17,920 plus closing costs & annual dues.

Do the calculations… If you spent @$1000 a year for a hotel in Disney you would be able to go for 17, or so years.  That is in a hotel venue.  DVC villas are not in the same class as a hotel room.

DVC is fully deedable, and lasts up to 50 years.

Currently those that are DVC members can get a discount on Annual Passes.  This is good for those that go to Disney multiple times in a year.

Make a smart choice, and purchase DVC.  You don’t have to go to Disney only.  You can go almost anywhere.  The price has essentially gone up over the past few years.  This is because there have been changes to the program.  The program keeps getting better.

To be contacted by a DVC representative, and be eligible for referral discounts CLICK HERE.

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