Strange Medical Phone Call

This year we went to Disney World for Easter.  There was a Easter festival in the Disney area so we took the little one since she was missing out on everything that was going on at home.  There were a lot of area businesses there giving away free goodies to the children, and offering services out to the adults.

While waiting for our little one to finish up one of the activities a back doctor offered to give me a back checkup.  I agreed to it thinking that it wouldn’t hurt for me to do this.  He said my back was a bit out, and I should think about seeing someone.  I told him that I had seen doctors several times for a blown disc, and that I just couldn’t afford the time out of work anymore, and the pain had gone away for the most part.

A month or two later I got a call from a medical office in my area asking if my problem was still there, and if I wanted to have a doctor get in touch with me to see if anything could be done.

For some reason it almost seemed like I was a health insurance lead, and everyone wanted to take care of me.

Was it just my luck, or are doctors really starting to care?  Could it be a paycheck that they care about?

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