Disney’s Figment – A Brief History


When The Imagination Pavilion first opened in @1983, 2 characters were prominently displayed. (Dreamfinder, and Figment are shown above.)  As you went through the ride you went through various sections showing Figment using his imagination to do different things.  After the ride guests could go to an upstairs playground.

You could also see “Captain EO” in the Kodak theatre next door, which then became “Honey, I shrunk the Audience.”

After several years, Disney changed the ride in @1999.  When the ride was reopened, all traces of Figment, and the Dreamfinder were gone.  The ride was now being run by Dr. Nigel.  The upstairs playground was gone, and a much smaller one was placed downstairs. 

A few years later, Disney once again remodeled the attraction.  I would believe it was due to customer comments regarding Figment, possibly.  The attraction, which still exists today, as last remodeled, features Dr. Nigel, and Figment.  The ride now elaborates on the senses of the body, such as Sight, Sound, Smell.  Figment causes his own mayhem about half way through.

The ride is nothing like it used to be when it was first opened.  I personally liked to see Figment, and I know it was the highlight of my mothers day.  When I was last in Epcot there was a full sized Figment that you could get photos with.  I have posted a picture of him below.


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