Disney Spring Float Kids Boat Ariel Review

A few years ago we purchased some swimming pool lounges.  My daughter had one that she liked.  She never could find another that she really liked, so she hasn’t had one.  Recently we had the opportunity to have her give us her impression of the Disney Spring Float Kids Boat Ariel by Swimways.

Today was girls day in the pool.  My wife, and daughter went out to the pool with their lounges, and relaxed.



My rundown is as such… The float is well designed.  It has a internal bladder for blowing up with air.  The size of the float was much bigger than we expected.  My daughter is taller than most other 9 year olds.  The coloring of the material was bright.  The float also coils up into a small ring for storage.

My daughters rundown… She feels that it is sturdy enough for children to play on.  It allowed her to get only slightly wet while on it.

The 2 of us like the product, and would definitelly recommend it to others.

Swimways does carry a small Disney line that has both boy, and girl items.  Check their site for other items.

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