Saving Money In Disney World

I have been a long time Disney person.  My wife, and I have learned many tricks to saving money while in Walt Disney World.  One of the things that we did find out during our second to last trip to Florida was that while Disney offers the convenience of instant gratification for most things that you need they are also very pricey for most of those things.

We were there for Easter, and I wanted to get some flowers for my wife.  When I called I was transferred to one place that was willing to help with ordering.  After I requested the price for what I was looking for I thought that I was going to be ill.  I thanked them, and decided to pass.  My next move was to start searching on the internet for “saving money on flowers in Disney World”.  I found a lot of different ways to save money, but I also found out that I was only actually saving a few dollars off what Disney would have charged.

Have you ever found that the high price of a place wasn’t as high as you thought?

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