How Can Disney Do It?

When I bought our Disney Vacation Club (DVC) membership our family was happy that we wouldn’t have to spend what we used to in order to vacation.  In the past few years we were never sorry about purchasing our timeshare.  This year my wife mentioned that maybe we should sell it off, but I refuse to.  With the continuing economic worries I have noticed more, and more people losing their homes, and getting rid of their posessions in order to keep afloat.

How can Disney keep going with their “Magic Box” of plans that they are working on?  They have the Hawaii resort, the Fantasyland Expansion, the Washington National Harbor purchase, and other assorted different projects going on throughout the other parks.  The Fantasyland Expansion has to be costing a pretty penny, and if you have watched any news, or read the internet you would see that Disney profits have not been great because of the economy.

When I look at the financial situation that most of the U.S. is in I only wonder why Disney would keep going with high priced plans that may not pan out profitable immediatelly.  Even the state of Florida made it to 2nd place for foreclosure rate in the nation for November 2009.  NJ seemingly hasn’t had as many foreclosures, but the initial foreclosure rate was very high.

Wife mentioned that we could sell off our house, and move down to the Carolinas.  I explained to her that my business is still successful here, and moving would be be a fatal move for me.  I have done my research, and even the Outer banks foreclosures are high currently.

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