Places We Never Got To Stay Yet…

Over the past many years we have stayed in quite a few of the Disney World resorts.  As a child I spent a great many years in a lot of them also.  We mainly stayed at the Grand Floridian for most of what I remember.  Having the “Gold Key” was a great thing.  Everything was included as far as I remember.

When I took my wife to Disney for her first time we went with my parents.  We stayed in a tent in Fort Wilderness because we didn’t have much money.  We quickly got out of there because a major storm rolled through, and our tent became an instant swimming pool ruining all of our stuff for the most part.

After that we stayed at the All Star Movies, Music, and Sports whenever we went down to Florida.  A few years ago before we bought our timeshare we drove down to Disney, and rented an RV to be taken to Fort Wilderness.  We found this to be great.  Now with the Disney Vacation Club ownership we have lost touch with where we started.

We haven’t stayed at the Contemporary, Beach Club, or Port Orleans.  I don’t remember ever staying in these as a child, but I may be wrong.

We were discussing the other day either taking our camper down to Disney, or possibly even renting a cabing in Fort Wilderness.  We have never been in them, or even seen them, but I have heard that they are very nice.  They may not have all the ammenities of a hotel room, or resort, but they are affordable.  I have no idea if there is enough sleeping space, log beds, air conditioning, or what.

Has anyone ever stayed in one?  What are they like?

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Second Tragic Accident Within A Year

I ask that we observe a moment of silence for a boy involved in a accident in Disney World.

I have been going to Disney World for may years, and I have yet to be involved in any situation that causes me to question the transportation on grounds.  The operators of all Disney transportation go through rigorous training, and certifications.  Many of the trainings exceed state standards.

During one of the busiest seasons for the Disney resort comes a very tragic story.  In the wooded resort of Fort Wilderness comes the loss of a boy.  Today a 9 year old Florida boy was killed when he was struck by a Disney bus.  It is stated that the boy ran into the side of the Disney bus.  The State Troopers are conducting a homicide investigation currently.  This tragedy brings the bus incident count to 3 within the last 6 months, and the fatality count to 2 within the past year.  Last summer a monorail driver was tragically killed due to a “malfunctioning” track switch.  Disney was fined by OSHA for violations found in that investigation.

Our condolences go out to the family of the boy.

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Vacationing in a Camper

I have been a avid vacationer for many years. After getting married my parents took us to Disney Fort Wilderness, and we camped in a tent. This was not my cup of tea at all. I vowed to never camp again. Between the hard ground on my back, the long walks to the comfort building, and the lack of luxuries, I couldn’t do that ever again.

Recently we got a camper from my parents. My wife never figured me for a camper. Breaking all my previous vows I took the family, and the camper to Elmer’s Jellystone Campground. Now, I have to tell everyone thinking of camping not to attempt to hook up a camper at 10:00pm. Let’s just say that by the time I was done hooking up the camper I wanted to throw something.

In the morning we awoke, and the wife cooked us up a real nice breakfast of toast, eggs, and coffee. We had the luxuries of home, as I brought the laptop with Sprint Broadband connection, a tv, stereo, some board games, and some other odds, and ends. We all actually enjoyed the time away from home. Ahhh, the great outdoors.

Jellystone was a nice place. Pedal cart rentals, swimming pool, arts / crafts, and much more. By the end of the weekend I decided that camping in a camper was fine, and camping in a tent is just not meant.

We went away again a month later for Halloween activities, but this time we went to Mays Landing Jellystone Campground. This location was also nice, but lacked some of the things that Elmer’s had. BTW… Seeing someone camp with a blow up theatre screen is a site. They watched football, and racing on it. I can tell you that I saw that screen from across the park. I think I might have to eventually get one… Not for the tv channels alone, but to play FPS games would probably be spectacular.

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