Computing While Vacationing

We used to get picked on for vacationing with electronics.  Being the line of work I am in I am almost required to have one with me when I go away.  Being a computer technician has its downfalls sometimes, but it is a great field to be in.  Over the last few trips we have found how invaluable having our laptop computers while on vacation has proven to be.  During the last 2 trips we have been able to get our blogging done, do research, check emails, and a lot more that we couldn’t do while away.  Being a Disney Vacation Club Member has its perks.  One of the most convenient to us is the FREE internet while at the DVC resorts.  They even supply the Cat5 cable.  All you have to do is bring your portables and connect.  Keep in mind that wired access is FREE, and WiFi access is a chargeable item.

We have also found them convenient for a second reason.  We take on average 400-500 photos during a relaxed trip.  On heavier planned trips we take sometimes 2-3 times that many photos.  Being able to download them straight into the computer is much better a solution than purchasing additional SD cards, or even using a bigger card.  I am against these solutions because you can lose the memory cards, or the memory cards could accidentally be wiped out by magnets, etc.

When you vacation do you take a laptop?  What do you use it for?

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