Disney Exercise Rooms

When we have gone to Disney World, and on the Disney Cruise we have seen some serious state of the art exercise rooms.  When I look at them I sometimes have to wonder if they have a lot of people that use them because I usually see them empty when I go past them.  I would think that Disney could use some cheaper alternatives to save money on the exercise equipment.

I have been looking at some new items for my wife for use in exercising, and some of them seem like they might even go over well in the exercise rooms that we see.  Things like thera bands.  We already have Wii Fit, but I have never seen that in Disney anywhere.  We found Wii Bowling on the cruise, but that is more of a fun game.

After all the good food that everyone consumes in Disney I can understand that people might want a fun way to lose some of the pounds.  The Wii Fit would be a fun, and fairly inexpensive way to offer some weight loss, and weight maintenance.

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