Captain EO…Why Bring Him Back Now?


I always enjoyed watching Captain EO when I went to Epcot.  I also saw it in DisneyLand.  What I can’t understand is why so many people are trying to petition to have Captain EO brought back.  The 3D movie was well done, and cost far more than what a 15 minute show should have cost.

Even though Michael is gone there is no reason for Disney to want to put him back up.  What I have in my mind is this… Neverland could be cleaned up, and they could setup a 3D theatre there.  People would most likely pay admission to go to Neverland.  They have a win-win situation.  The Jackson family gets some revenue from it, and people are happy.

Just say NO!  If we say YES, then Disney will have to pay out to the Jacksons, and such action could cause Disney to maybe want to increase ticket prices.  I may be wrong, because they may have a standing deal with the Captain EO movie so that they don’t have to pay out royalties.

I will have a very clean cut of the movie up on my site soon.

I think Disney should keep everything they do in-house so that they don’t have to pay royalties to others like this would result in.

Brief Rundown of the Movie…

Movie was directed by Francis Ford Coppola

Movie was produced by George Lucas

The story was designed by Disney Imagineering


  • Michael Jackson
  • Anjelica Huston

Captain EO is a movie about a team of space travelers that are on a mission to deliver a gift to the queen of a land.  When they get there they almost don’t get to deliver the gift because a piece of equipment broke.  After the team fixes the equipment Captain EO delivers.

The effects were superb for the time.

Captain EO was only shown in 4 theatres worldwide…

  1. Epcot Imagination Pavilion – 1986 – 1994
  2. DisneyLand TomorrowLand – 1986 – 1994
  3. Tokyo’s Tomorrowland – 1987 – 1996
  4. DisneyLand Paris – 1992 – 1998

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