Something Special From Disney World

Have you ever desired to get something special for someone while in Disney World?  Have you ever needed something on the fly because you forgot to get something and you happened to be in Disney World?

Throughout the Disney property you can find quite a nice selection of jewelry deals.

One of the most well known jewelry opportunities is the “Pearl” stations that can be found in Downtown Disney, the Japan pavilion in Epcot, and also the Beach Club Resort.

Another not so well known location is the “Hand Carved” jewelry in Fort Wilderness, and also near Mexico in Epcot, near POTC in the Magic Kingdom.  There may be a few more locations, but I can’t list them all.

The last unique gifting is the “Blown Glass” stand in Downtown Disney.

While Disney may have finally added more of these locations they aren’t flooding the resort so make sure you look for them.  I have always found the “Hand Carved” jewelry interesting.  That is an employee that has some job security because I am sure that not everyone can do that.

If you want to check on additional locations you can always ask any Disney resort person, and they should be able to tell you.

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What Is A Disney Cruise Fish Extender?

On our first 2 cruises we saw these things hanging from the stateroom doors on the Disney Cruise.  Some of them had things inside of them.  We didn’t know what they were.  When we returned home we did some research, and found out that they are called “Fish Extenders.”  Fish Extenders are cloth items with pockets.  The pockets are for the people in the cruise group to exchange small gifts.  Our little one received cds, candy, toys, and more.  So on the next cruise my wife decided to make things, and sell them to other people.  She made the Fish Extenders.  I made T-Shirts, and Magnets.  Everything is proofed before final print.

We got together at the beginning of the cruise, and had a Yankee Trader.  This is a gift giving that is very unpredictable.  We were supposed to meet for dinner the night before, but never got that ironed out.  If you are going on a Disney Cruise then check out various sites, and look through the forums.  You will find many groups that are doing things.

If you, or anyone you know needs any of the above items, then just send me an email, and we will discuss what your needs are.

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