Gnomeo & Juliet Contest

Recently we got to go to a screening of the new movie Gnomeo and Juliet.

We thought the movie was very cute, and funny.  This is an incredible movie.  The music by Elton John was very well added.  There was even a musical segment with the Tiki Room song playing.  This is a very cute runoff of the Romeo & Juliet story.  In this movie they don’t have gang wars with weapons… They have “Lawnmower Races.”  Kids will enjoy this movie.  Our daughter found the movie to be very creative, and funny.  There were considerable special effects in the movie that helped the movie out.

The movie is about 2 trolls that find each other, and desire to be together.  The families of each other would not like this.  I can’t give away anymore of the movie so go see it.  You will like it.

We are running a contest that is being offered by the Disney company.  Here is what you can win…

– Gnomeo & Juliet t-shirt in youth sizes of S, M, L, XL and colors of red or blue

– Gnomeo & Juliet one-size fits all beanies in colors of red or blue

– Gnomeo & Juliet mini-notebooks shaped like a Gnome hat (front cover is red, back cover is blue)


Here is what you do to enter the contest…

Main Entry:

Tell me what you think of the movie if you saw it.  If you didn’t see it then tell me what you think of the trailer.

Additional Entries:

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This contest will run from 2/15/2011 through 2/26/2011.  The winner will be randomly chosen.  The winner will have 3 days to contact us.  After 3 days a new winner will be chosen.

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