GoPicnic Contest Winners Announced

The winners of the GoPicnic Contest are:

 #51: Kristine Michelle
#33: Annmarie W.
#9: Judy
#57: Jennai
#36: Shelly

Congratulations.  To those that didn’t win, then please keep entering our contests, and you too could be a winner.

The winners will have 3 days to contact me.  After 3 days another winner will be chosen.

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Eating & Saving In Disney & Other Places

I have posted many ways for a person to save money in Disney World.  I have posted how to use some of the Disney programs to their fullest potential.  Most people know that eating in Disney will pretty much clean out your wallet.  If you know what you are doing, then you go on the dining plan.  There is also the option of snacks while vacationing.  Well, for those of you that just “WON’T” budge and spend money on the food in Disney I have part of the solution.


Recently we got to try out a product called GoPicnic.  What they have to offer are prepackaged meals.  They come in a variety of foods, and types.

The most recent one we had was the Anywhere Break.  We all found the meal to be better than expected.  The food also seemed fresh.


It came packaged with:
Jack Link’s Beef Steak Nuggets
Corazonas Squeeze of Lime Tortilla Chips
Ortega Mild Chunky Salsa
Copper Cowbell White Cheddar Cheese Slice
Mariani Dried Cranberries
Mrs May’s Cashew Nut Crunch
Swiss Delicato Dark Chocolate


The meal prices vary, but can save considerable for a larger family.  These are also good for families that want to control what they eat.  The only thing you need to get, or supply is a drink. 

Some of the meals features such as Gluten Free, and Vegetarian.  Kids meals are packaged with temporary tattoos.  All are prepared with NO TransFat.

Eating GoPicnic is a good way to manage money.  Eating GoPicnic won’t even require you to take any special compounds / diet pills like Clinicallix

For an additional 15% savings code email me directly.  You probably will not find this code available in most places.

You can get a small sampling by entering our contest.  Read on for more information.

5 Winners in total for this contest.  Each winner will receive 4 products.

Visit GoPicnic and comment here about what item you would most likely eat if you were to order from GoPicnic.

Additional Entries: (Each additional entry must be accompanied by an individual comment here telling me what you did.)

Contest will run from 8/12/09 through 9/04/09.  Winner will have 3 days to respond before another winner is announced.

**All blog posts, button placements, Follows, Favs must stay active for duration of the contest.

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