Traveling To Disney World

Each time we go to Disney World we have to sit down and weigh out how we are going to get there.  A few years ago we decided against flying for the time being.  Most people criticize me because they can get there in 3 hours from the East while it takes me 16 hours minimum.  Well, I can say that I am one thing that they are not… That is money conscious.  Flights have gotten very expensive, and the 2 hours before a flight needs to also be considered.

We leave from New Jersey and I drive as much as possible.  My wife has been driving a few hours here and there so that I can take a snooze.  As long as she has the car gps on she is alright.  We can get to Florida for under $400 for all three of us.  I know that flights are not that cheap.  Some people have even said that they pay $9 for their airline membership.  Well I know better.  They also need to understand that they are flying on the airlines schedule.  They may have to go at a totally different time than they wanted in order to get that pricing.

We enjoy what we do, and that is that.  We also save on not having to get a rental car.  We go off grounds from time to time.  Shopping is also necessary.  We did recently get involved in Amtrak Auto Train.  We earn points for using their credit card.  We just booked our return trip for all 3 of us from Florida with the car for $275.00.  Find a flight, and rental car for that.

What do you do when you travel?  Do you drive, or fly?

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