Children Getting Some Slack In Disney

Our little one is getting older, and she is moving through her school years very quickly.  Maybe it just seems that way.  Wife and I have been discussing what we are going to do when our little one graduates from 8th grade.  We have been gradually doing small trips with her friends.  We have been thinking about if her 8th grade graduation might be a point where we can trust her a bit more by taking a friend with us to Disney World.  This will be our graduation gift to her.

If I recall correct when I was a child I got to do a few things around the time of my 8th grade.  Most parents might say No, but there is always a possibility.  Times have changed, and we have been trying to give our little one a little bit of freedom.  Disney World is a big place, but we don’t mean total unsupervised.  We are more pointed at giving them an hour or so and then meet back up with us.  We don’t believe in children going off and doing just anything that they want.  Parents that allow this kind of behavior need to have their heads examined.  They either don’t care what their kids do, or they don’t think that their kids will do things that they do.

Have you ever thought of doing something like this?  What was the result?  Did you regret it?

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