Disney’s Great Piggy Bank Adventure

Disney is trying to teach us something about money.  On May 19, 2009 they opened a new attraction in Epcots Innoventions East, and they also have an online game of the same name.

The Great Piggy Bank Adventure

The Adventure is brought to us by T. Rowe Price.  You need to choose a goal to accomplish.  You learn about different things that you can do with money.  A computer game lets you put “Virtual Money” in various areas of a bedroom for hiding.  A wolf then comes and takes money from random places.  You earn more based on your hiding, and saving.


The online world was designed by the same team that put VMK on the map.

As with most online games that Disney puts out I would recommend you try it now, as when something gets popular Disney seems to start charging.  Charging for a money learning game… Kinda ironic isn’t it?

Long Live VMK…Long Live VMK…Long Live VMK…

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