Newsflash – New Breakthrough – Disney Mickey Pizza

I thought that the surprise of seeing what was in store when you went to Disney World, or DisneyLand was what Disney was all about.  Disney is marketing far more than I would have ever imagined.  I just ran across another product that is being sold in food stores.  Disney Mickey Pizza.  It retails for $1.99 at the Shoprite.  My wife has seen a different variation of this, and I will get a picture of it up as soon as I can.

What other brilliant idea will Disney come up with next?  I personally think they should come out with a Disney Vacation in a box.  Think of it… Open a box, and take a whimsical ride on the monorail, or pop in a dvd, and enjoy a 3D virtual vacation in one of the Disney locations.


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Newsflash – New Breakthrough – Disney Eggs

I  just returned from Foodtown, and saw “Disney Eggs.”  They are standard eggs with little pictures on them smaller than a dime.  They retail for @$3.00.  What is Disney going to think of next?  (Ccomputers from Innoventions, Ribs from Mickey’s Outdoor BarBQ, Big Thunder Alcohol, Pirates of the Caribbean Tea)

I guess with the Year of a Million Dreams they need to find another way to put their name out there.  Who knows… Maybe Mickey Mouse will show up at homes that purchase these eggs.

Here are photos we took of them.



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