Going To The Great Salt Lake By Don

While this isn’t a Disney vacation I can imagine that it is a very nice location.  I will stick with Disney for the time being.

At least one time per year my family and I try to visit the Great Salt Lake in Salt Lake City, Utah. We really enjoy traveling to the lake in the summer time because the scenery is very beatuiful. We pack a lunch and set the Alarm Systems for the Home and drive there in about an hours worth of time. The Great Salt Lake is so big that you can’t see the other side of it and there are several islands in the middle of it. It is called the Great Salt Lake because it is made of salt water.

At the lake there is a building named the Great Saltair. It is a huge building that was built a long time ago as a hotel and resort. Inside of the building, we read all sorts of interesting facts about the lake and the resort that used to be there. People also use the Great Salt Lake for sailing. The water is usually dotted with sailboats on a nice sunny day. There is a boat marina where the sailboats are stored and there are also boats that you can rent to sail yourself or hire for a tour. Down the way from the marina is a huge rock that is as big as a building called Black Rock. It’s fun to climb it and over look the lake and valley.

Guest post written by Don Maxon.

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DisneyLand Vacation

Disneyland really is a magical place. My husband and I took our kids there last Saturday for my youngest’s sixth birthday. We wanted to get there when the park opened, so we left our house at six AM, making sure to turn on our home security system before we locked up and got into the car. home security in California is something we’re really aware of. The kids were so excited they couldn’t stop talking about what they were going to see for the entire trip there.

When we got there the gates were opened, and people were crowded along the length of Main Street. There were Disneyland employees keeping us from entering the rest of the park until they officially opened. Ben, the birthday boy, decided that the first thing we should do is ride the Matterhorn. As soon as the park was opened we went straight there and were first in line.

I think it was a magical day for Ben and the rest of the family as well. The kids got to meet various Disney characters; Ben was particularly excited to meet Goofy, his favorite, and his sister Sara met her hero, Belle. By eight PM my husband and I were running out of energy, but the kids still wanted to see more. They were really sagging by nine though and slept through the entire drive home. It was a day none of us will soon forget.

This is a guest post by Frankie Bendto

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