Disney Pools Become Handicapped Friendly

On our recent trip to Disney World we stayed at the Animal Kingdom Villas.  We make a point to go to the pool during any, and all of our trips.  The pools in Disney are always the right temperature no matter what time of year.

While we were at the swimming pool we noticed something new that has never been seen during previous trips.  We saw that handicapped lifts were now installed at the jacuzzi, and also the swimming pool area.  These are lifts that appear the user must change over from their wheelchair to the lift chair.  I have seen different ones in other places that look like the stair lifts.

After I did some research I was advised that Disney has been doing this to make sure all guests can be accommodated.  I don’t know how true this is, but it is nice to see that the handicapped, and the disabled can now enjoy the pool no matter what.


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Add Some More Thrill And Understanding

It was always a rumor about another land in Disney World.  Villain Mountain I believe was the rumored name.  I have been going to Disney World since I was a baby.  I enjoy going on vacation there.  I have discussed with many other Disney lovers that Disney does need to add a little bit more flair to the parks.

I also see that Disney is a bit more strict with their handicapped policies.  From my understanding a handicapped person needs to go to Town Hall in Magic Kingdom to get a pass from them in order to use the handicapped entrances in the Magic Kingdom.  I know wheelchair people that have problems getting Disney to do anything because they don’t have necessary info upon going to the Guest Relations at the parks.  I would have thought that they wouldn’t give an issue to people that have shoulder braces, casts, wheelchairs, or other necessary needs.  During peak times this is pretty much thrown out the window from what I have witnessed.  They make everyone wait the same during certain times.

Disney is a great place, but they do need to think about some change.  Change is good.  Even if the executives don’t think they are… They might be.


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Wheelchair Accessibility In Disney World

For the most part Disney is a wheelchair friendly place.  Handicapped parking in Disney is available if you have the respective placard.  The buses that move throughout the Disney property are also handicapped friendly.  If you are flying in, then Disney’s Magical Express is also accessible with a wheelchair.  When booking your resort room be sure to mention that you are in a wheelchair.  There are fully handicapped rooms, and there are rooms that are accessible enough if you don’t need your wheeelchair completely.

You may be requested to go to Town Hall to get a handicapped pass for rides.  This is obviously done to deter people trying to get on rides that are not truly handicapped.  There are a few rides that you will need to wait just like other people, but not many.  When in Disney you can rent wheelchairs from Disney, or there are many off-site rental companies available.  Most people have their own wheelchair, but for those that can’t bring theirs for some reason, or if theirs breaks then most of the social security disability insurances, and other medical insurances will cover the cost.

There are a few things that you should realize.  When in Disney World please take mind that other people are there trying to enjoy themselves.  Please be cautious of your wheelchairs capabilities.  I have seen many children almost get run over because the electronic wheelchairs are very touchy.  You may want to account for a little extra time navigating the park.

You can check out the Official Disney site for more information.

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Not only Principle, but Money too!

What is your take on the world we live in?

I just read an article, and watched a news video on an article.  This world has gotten a little too greedy in my beliefs.  If everyone was to sue for things like this, we would all be in court.  I understand about the disabled part, but suing… “A little far off the reservation!”

I totally agree with rules put in place to protect how handicapped, and disabled people are treated.  I just feel that there seems to be a bit more suing going on in these times.  Maybe I should sue Microsoft for making me so addicted to being on the computer, or sue DirecTV for having a DVR product that has caused me to watch far more tv than I ever previously watched.

This is what the story was about.

Woman suing for being kicked off ride

A Florida woman had a prescription for chronic pain that included riding Disney’s Tower of Terror. Her doctor also further claimed it was helping her. 

She states she holds the record for the most rides, which is 56 times. 

For the past 3 1/2 years she has visited Hollywood Studios to ride the attraction. She rode it over and over, as many as 20 times in a row. 

She needs between four and six surgeries a year to get rid of her adhesions. 

Her  doctor wrote a letter to Disney: “The benefit of riding the Tower of Terror breaks down these adhesions thus relieving her of so much pain.” 

“Every since I’ve been riding the Tower of Terror, I only have to have one surgery versus several. 

She had a disabled card, and would either go through the Fast Pass, or the back entrance. 

“A different manager said she didn’t care what my card said, I’m only allowed to ride the ride four times”.  She further added that she was told she could no longer use the back entrance.  She spent the next couple of weeks arguing with Disney. In the end, she got booted out and was cited for trespassing and for using profanity. 

For its part, Disney said there was never a restriction placed on the number of times she could ride the Tower of Terror.  Disney said she used profanity in front of guests and that’s why she was ordered out.  But the park did say it would listen to an appeal of her case. 

At time of reading the article, and watching the video, the lady was suing to get back on the ride, and also to collect damages.

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