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I was recently allowed to review 3 different books by Steven M. Barrett.  I am a Disney fanatic, and these books are very interesting.  Here is a rundown on them.

What is a Hidden Mickey?  Well, let me tell you…

Back in the 70’s Disney Imagineers placed small, but yet visible “Hidden Mickeys” throughout Disney.  Note… The Hidden Mickeys should not, and cannot be confused with the Mickeys that are in plain sight.

I have always heard about the Hidden Mickeys, but never took the time to research them, or even look for them.  The last time we were in Disney World we were on The Great Movie Ride, and the people behind us were looking for a Hidden Mickey.  I asked where, and I immediatelly found it.

This book is a great add-on for any Disney collection.  I never realized how much quality family time we could spend just looking for Hidden Mickeys, but after looking into it there is something interesting about doing this.  Now that I have the books each of my family is going to try and find some Hidden Mickeys when we return in March.

The book is broken down into sections based on location.  There is a map of the major areas included in the book.  Each section also has a scoring area.  For each Mickey found you score points.  While some of the Mickeys will go away when something is changed, another new one will come up somewhere else.

Here is an example of one Hidden Mickey…

The Studios: Hint #113:

“When animated characters float up in large bubbles on the water screen, watch for Pinocchio.  His bubble forms the head of a classic Hidden Mickey.  Two bubbles beside it form the ears.

You can also see some more information on the Steven M. Barrett website: www.HiddenMickeysGuide.Com

This book, and more can be purchased at IntrepidTraveler Store, or at your favorite bookstore.  The price of the book is $$12.95 US dollars.


For those of you that think you know everything about Disney World, well I have something for you to check out.

The Walt Disney World Trivia Book is a very comprehensive look at some well known questions that people have about Disney World.  The book is divided into chapters, and at the beginning of the chapter are questions, and at the end of the chapter are the answers to those questions.  The back of the book has an index of common question topics.

I am a true Disney person, and I thought that I knew everything.  There were many questions that I actually thought I knew the answers to, and only found out that what I knew was actually wrong.  This is usually due to people hearing conflicting stories, or answers.

This book is also available at IntrepidTraveler Store, or at your favorite bookstore.  The price of the book is $14.95 US dollars.

Here is a example of on question from the book…

Magic Kingdom: Question #60:

“What is the name of the private club that can be found near WDW’s Pirates of the Caribbean?”

Answer… (Shortened) There is none.  “Club 33″ is actually the name of a private, membership-only club in Disneyland’s New Orleans Square near the Pirates of the Caribbean.


The last book I am going to give you a rundown on is The Hassle-Free Walt Disney World Vacation 2010.

While I am very skilled in helping people plan for their Disney World vacation I admit that this book has some things in it that I just don’t venture into when helping someone.  I always give the money saving tips, and help with booking dining, and more.  This book is designed to help everyone from Teens, Adults, Seniors, and Families.

This book helps in making sure to use your time wisely, and gives many tips on different things to do.  There is also a section that helps you understand different options that are available in regards to tickets.

The book starts off with a guide on When to go.  Then it moves on to Where to stay.  After that the book is structured in a manner that is efficiently ordered for ease of planning.  There are sections that have contact numbers for airlines, and resorts / hotels.  The ride sections have a rating key, approximate length of ride, and what the ride is about.

This book is also available at IntrepidTraveler Store, or at your favorite bookstore.  The price of the book is $15.95 US dollars.


To get your hands on a copy of 1 of the above titles we have been allowed to offer a giveaway to 1 lucky reader.  Read on to find out more information.

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Go to, and comment here about which book sounds most interesting to you, and why you would want that book if you won the giveaway.  Also let me know if you have ever experienced any of these books previously, and how they worked out for you.

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