Getting To Disney World Faster

Can you imagine getting to Disney just a few hours earlier than normal?  Well, if everything gets the final kick then that dream may become a reality.  While it won’t be something you can do from anywhere else, you will at least be able to cut out some of that drive if you choose.  After looking at the maps I figure that this is really intended for Florida residents so that they can ease some of the traffic issues at hand.

This could be good for Disney in many ways.

  1. Ease some traffic from the Disney roads.
  2. Maybe a “Disney” stop will cost.

This could be bad for Disney in many ways.

  1. Car repairs at the Disney repair shops may drop.
  2. Parking fees at the parking lots will drop.

The text from the WESH article is below.

White House officials and Sen. Bill Nelson confirmed on Wednesday that high-speed rail is heading to Central Florida. 

President Barack Obama is expected to announce in Tampa Thursday that federal money will be provided to the state to build the train that will link Tampa, Walt Disney World and Orlando. 

Nelson said Florida will receive a portion of $8 billion in stimulus funds that are being offered to develop a national high-speed rail network. State officials asked for $2.5 billion. 

“This will be one of the largest boosts to the state’s economy since Disney, since the Interstate highway system,” Nelson said. 

It’s unclear whether the state will get all the money it requested to build the rail system.

Officials with the Department of Transportation said high-speed rail would provide an efficient, reliable and comfortable travel option between cities at speeds of 120 mph or greater. The trains will contain modern amenities and conveniences, and they’re time and price competitive to other forms of transportation. Link to original article…

Of Florida’s four applications submitted to the feds, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer predicts the Central Florida leg will come first. 

The cost for Florida’s proposed rail lines is around $2.6 billion. Sen. George LeMieux said he’s hopeful the president will award full funding to the Sunshine State. 

“I’m very excited about it. I’ve got my fingers crossed the president is going to award Florida the full $2.5 billion,” LeMieux said. 

The first leg could be in operation by 2015.  

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