Understanding Disney Theme Park Passes

If you are new to vacationing in Disney, or never took the time to look at how to shop for your Disney tickets, then you have come to the right place.

We purchased an annual pass for each of us.  (2 adults, & 1 child)  We spent @$1150.  (Thank goodness for credit cards)

I just ran the entire pricing situation on the Disney site to see what I would have spent if I purchased individual tickets.

The most amount of days that I could have gotten out of the same money with individual tickets is 6 days.

Here is how you can calculate the break point.

How many days are you going to make sure you visit the Disney theme parks?

How many trips can you guarantee within 364 days?

If you are going to visit more than 1 time within the 364 days, then you really must think about getting annual passes.

The visit count for one trip is hard to calculate, but account for @60 per day per adult.

Check the Disney site for the cost of the annuals, and see if you are going to save money.

I know I am saving, as I am returning for Easter 2010.  2 trips within 364 days.

That’s a Savings with a capitol $!

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