What An Amazing Find We Made

Recently we started cleaning out some things from many years ago that I had found.  In these items I found a old Mickey Mouse Christmas Ladder.  This ladder goes next to the Christmas Tree, and has lights, and moving parts.  I realized when we found it that it would take some serious amount of work to make this item work correctly.  I was going to throw it away, but my wife decided that the two of us should take a little time and try to make the necessary repairs.  After a few days we completed the repairs that we saw needed to be made.  Now the item is good as new.  The item won’t be sold by me, but I have seen this item go for some good money.  Thanks dear for advising me to keep it.


After we finished with that we continued going through the rest of the things that I had been collecting.  We found a very old 33 record, and book.  While these were nice back in the day the times have changed, and everything is audiobook, or other digital means.  If I had a usb turntable it may have swayed my decision to heave this item, but I am not going to go out and spend money to be able to use something that has absolutelly very little value at this point in time.

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Disney For The Holidays

This year we are going to Disney World right after Christmas.  We still have family here so we have to make our appearances at their homes.  We are going to be in Disney for New Years.  We have already planned it out that we will be in the Magic Kingdom when the ball drops.  We haven’t done Disney at this time of year in a long time.  Keeping the weather in mind we have all packed some very thick jackets so that we don’t freeze.  From everything I have been reading, and watching the weather gets down at night.  Maybe ski jackets would work great.

We are all hoping that the crowds work with us while we are there being that we are only getting 1 park hopper each.  It will be nice to see the lights throughout the parks, and the Osbourne light display at Hollywood Studios.

Have you ever done Disney World during the holidays?  What did you think?

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Happy Fathers Day

I would like to take the time to wish all fathers a


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Disney Holiday Shopping

Black Friday is the beginning of the holiday shopping season.  One of the busiest, and most unbearable days.

Pink Friday is the same day as Black Friday except participating retailers donate portions of their proceeds to charitable causes.

Cyber Monday is the Monday immediatelly after Black Friday when retailers offer savings.

I am always looking for a deal on Disney swag, and if you know anything about Disney then you know that most of their merchandise is usually a bit pricey.  Well, If you are looking for any deals on Disney stuff, then I would definitelly suggest checking out the Disney Store Cyber Monday specials.  They are offering savings up to 25% off with coupon code CYBERMONDAY. 

I wonder if they run any specials in Disney World, or DisneyLand for the shopping weekend of the year.  I would think that they could do rather well if they did.

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Disney During The Holidays

Going to Disney World during the holidays has been something that we have been doing for a few years.  We have gone during Easter, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.  We enjoy Easter the most because of the weather, and the activities that go on around the resort.  During Easter the children all get to participate in some serious candy grabbing.  During Halloween the kids get to Trick Or Treat at Disney locations, and enjoy Disney themed parties at the resorts.  We haven’t gone during Christmas because we like to be in our home for that portion of the year, but we have discussed doing Christmas, and New Years one year in the future.  I guess that I could make that would be something that you might find in red envelope christmas gifts for mom.  It would be very different for us because we are usually having a family get together, and other Christmas festivities around our house.

Have you gone to Disney during Christmas?  How are the crowds, and have you noticed any major difference over other times of the year?

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