Disney Nuts… Well We Are

I have been going to Disney World, and DisneyLand since I was a baby.  Now I am married, and have brought the magic of Disney into my home.  We go to Disney World 1-2 times a year, and we are DVC owners.  Well, many times my wife and I have thought of redoing our kitchen, and theming it Disney.  After we realized how much money it would cost because of the appliances, floor, walls, fixtures that would need replacing we scrapped the idea.  I have a room that is used mainly for watching tv in the house, and occassionally it is where our guests stay.  I would like to take that room, and make it over to be a Disney Home Theater.  I have seen pictures of what others have done in their homes, and it relieves me to see that others do it, and I am not just a Disney geek.  My uncle “L” might find me a bit off my rocker, but Disney is what I like most next to Star Wars, and my video games.

I found this photo of a “Nautilus Theater” that someone had done in their home.  The money it must have taken is what I can’t put through my mind.  If I could just find a cheap way to get some cutouts of a few Disney characters, and some paintings of a few Disney scenes, then I would be alright.  Then all I would have to do is find some home theater furniture to go with the theme.  I would probably choose Fantasia Mickey, or Jessica Rabbit.  I would do all my own sound, and video work, so I don’t have to spend to have someone come in to do it for me.

I don’t know which one…

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