Horseback Riding In Disney At Fort Wilderness

Ever since my daughter was young enough to take pony rides in Fort Wilderness she used to beg us to take her horseback riding.  Only within the past year has she actually nagged us to arrange a ride when we go to Disney World.  I have always told her that horseback riding in Disney is a very unique experience.  This past year we went to Disney World and she asked if we were going to go riding.  Due to funds being a bit low, and also having a very tight schedule of things to do we had to let her down.

She is now making a final request to go riding when we go back next time.  We had to tell her that on our next visit we will not be able to go riding because we will be on a 1 day hopper ticket that came with our Disney Cruise.  We did promise her that we would do it in December when we go to Disney for Christmas.

It costs @ $45 per person, and it is a 45 minute ride along the wilderness trail.

Where we are she could go riding, but it is very costly, and she would also have to have riding equipment like breeches, helmet, and anything else.  She is very happy about the upcoming ride in December.

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Horseback Riding In Disney World

For years my daughter went on the pony ride in Ft. Wilderness.  Each year we had to make sure that she was watching her eating prior to going, as there was a weight limit, but no age limit.  We had to have the lightest child at the age of 7.

Recently we went to Ft. Wilderness, and she asked about horseback riding.  We were a bit strapped for cash, so we had to decline going.  The horseback riding experience in Disney is very nice.  You go out for @ a 2 mile walk in the woods.  You are in a guided group, so you don’t get to go wherever you want.  She really wanted to go.  I believe it cost @ $50.

She misses at least seeing the animals that used to be at the petting zoo in Ft. Wilderness.  You can still get pony rides while there.  Maybe I should put her on a real strict diet to get her weight to where she can get on a pony… Much cheaper.  ROFLMAO.

She asked about riding when we got home.  We told her that a lot of places that offer horseback riding in NJ want you in their camp, or whatever.  Other than being in their camp, or whatever you had to have the right riding gear.  This would consist of helmet, breeches, and other necessary clothing.  She instantly said no way, as she wouldn’t want to wear uncomfortable stuff.

Now she will wait to go back to Ft. Wilderness, as it is a bit expensive here in NJ anyway.

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