Indy Racing Experience Disney World Review

During our recent media trip to Orlando, Fl we were given the opportunity to try out the Indy Racing Experience in Walt Disney World.  When we showed up we were given a stack of paper to sign.  It felt like I was signing away my life.  Well, I guess in fact that I probably did.  Anyway… After signing the paperwork we were handed a race suit, and shoes that had to be worn.  We got to go on the ride along.

Next we were all taken outside to the track.  One at a time we were strapped into the car, and taken for a casual run at @105mph on a 1 mile tri-oval track.  This experience lasted only minutes.  The seats in the car are a bit tight, and this is not an experience for those that are bigger than normal.  If you are totally against tight places, then this is not an experience for you.

There are other experiences available to those that want more excitement.  The ride along experience costs $109.  The drive experience costs $399.  Either experience is done in the afternoons.  For the drive experience you will need to allot more time, as there is driver training that must be conducted.  There are @10+ other locations through the US.  Click here for other locations.

This was a very exhilarating experience.  The only thing that I didn’t like was that they do not offer any photos, or videos of the experience like they offer at the Richard Petty Experience which is located at the same place.  I was told that they were working on this, and hoped to have this capability soon. 

My father and I were given complimentary passes to this experience so as to review the experience.  Receiving these passes had no influence on the review of the experience.

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Two Races In One Day

I found out the other day while travelling down to Florida that the Richard Petty racing experience is going to let me check it out.  In the same day I am also doing the Indy Car Experience.  This is going to be one heck of a day.  I just hope that I can get the speeding thing out of my system before I drive home, as I got a ticket on my way down.  I can’t believe it will be any worse than the IFly experience that had me wearing a jumpsuit, helmet, and safety glasses.  I know I have to take a training course, and that will be the most important part of the whole thing because if I don’t do everything right I could be in the wall.  I wonder who they charge for damage to the cars?  I know they make the driver sign away liabilities before racing.

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