Disney Segway Experience

During our last trip to Epcot in Disney World my wife, and I gave the Segway vehicles a try in the Innoventions pavilion.  Both of us had a fun time, but getting used to the balancing was an experience for both of us.  Once we got the hang of it we did just fine.  Our little one was a little upset that she couldn’t try them out, but she understood that she wasn’t old enough to participate.  They have a few prototype models on display, and one of which I would love to get my hands on.  I used to do a lot of atv riding.  This one looks like a atv.  Being it is electric I could ride it around my neighborhood without issue.  I think it would be a rather cool thing to have.

When you are at Disney World be sure to stop by Innoventions, and give the Segway machines a try.  If you think you are experienced enough, then you can also take a Segway tour.  You must be at least 16 years old, and admission into the park is needed.  This is a 2 hour experience.  At first you are given a training class on the operation of the Segways.  After that you are taken around World Showcase.

Read more about it at the Official Disney Site by clicking HERE.

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Velcro, Me, and My Wife…

While we were in Epcot we stopped at Innoventions.  They had a new show about velcro.  The lines were not long.

We went in, and it is a family game show.

The wife, and I got picked to participate.  She had to see how many pieces of luggage she could afix to me with velcro.  Well, we tied with the other couple.  She moved so fast I thought she found a special sale at WalMart.



At the end of the show you empty out into a area where you can make a velcro frog with all sorts of pieces that they have precut.

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New Part of Innoventions by IBM

We went to the Think Place in Innoventions which is brought to us by IBM.

When you go in you are directed to a station that records certain actions done by you.  Then after it is completed you are sent to a “Game Station” that takes what you did, and puts it into a game.

I think it is a pretty cool section in the Innoventions building.

Click the link HERE to see what we looked like in the game.

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