Vacation Insurance Question

When some people go on a vacation they take out “vacation insurance.”  What I am curious of is do the companies that offer that insurance make any profit, or does the insurance company make all of the profit?  In Disney’s case does Disney have their own insurance company, or do they in fact use an outsider?  Disney seems to have a lot of side companies.

I only ask this because no matter what you do on the Disney sites they always seem to push that vacation insurance.  Back in the day when I worked a hotel in Seaside we didn’t care if a customer showed up or not.  We loved it when customers didn’t show.  We were paid no matter what, and we were paid the full amount of the reservation.

I don’t concern myself with vacation insurance.  This is because unless there is a death, or serious medical issue I am going to take my vacation.  If I am dead, or sick… Well… I won’t be vacationing anyway.

Can a person go through their own insurance provider to get travel insurance?    If they only had some sort of insurance service on the web like the life insurance industry has for people that want to find insurance cheaper than it is being offered.

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Travelling To Disney

We originally started our travels to Florida by driving there.  One year we were leaving Florida and dropped my mother off at the airport.  Before we even got out of Florida my mother called and said that she was home.  After that we flew via Spirit for the next few years.  When the cost of flying got too much we started driving again.  This year when our insurance was cancelled we starting hunting through cheap car insurance quotes to find a price that would be good enough for us to have our camper on the insurance for when we ever do get to drive down to Florida with our camper.  Campers aren’t cheap to have on insurance.  We got lucky.

The last time we camped in Florida we drove down in my truck, and rented a camper from El Monte.  The prices were good, and we have been trying to decide if it is easier to rent one over towing one down to Florida.  The increased cost for gas, speed, and other factors make us not sure of what we want to do in the future.

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Insurance & Your Job

Not only is our economy in the tank already, but we seem to have people in the government that want to make more changes that will effect everyone.  While some of the plans the President has are nice for the low income the rest of the U.S. will feel some pain.  With all that is going on with the President and his medical reforms, and changes I am sure that a lot of people will be feeling the pinch on their wallets when all is done, and over with.  Companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield NJ, Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina, and actually all the insurance plans will either make out real good, or hurt real bad.  I think that more, and more travelers will have to start changing their money spending habits.

People are loosing their homes because they can’t afford them, and that is because the unemployment rates are at all time highs.  People with really good educations can’t even get minimum wage jobs because it is so tight out there in the workforce.  I am sure that the employees in Disney have some great benefits, and insurance, but I am sure that they are going to be doing some complaining when it starts to lighten the wallet.  They all seems to have some sort of issue whenever something changes their paychecks.

I think the President could do something for those that don’t have insurance, but those that have it should be able to elect whether, or not they want any part of the changes.  I know of a few local companies that are trying to make it so that it won’t hurt the employee.

What do you think?

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