The Big Screen On The Disney Cruise

When I go on the Disney Cruise I enjoy going out the the deck, and watching the movies that they put on from time to time.  The one thing that I think would really make it big would be if they did Wii type games on that same screen.  Maybe they could find some reasonible manner to choose who gets to play.  I haven’t figured out what size the Jumbotron actually is, but it is definitelly bigger than the biggest 72″ Samsung HDTV that I have ever seen.  The majority of the staterooms only get @22″ lcd tv.  I have read on other sites that some of the suites get bigger tvs.

Has anyone gone on a Disney Cruise, and watched a movie on the Jumbotron?  What did you think?  Does anyone know the actual size of the screen on the Magic, or the Wonder?

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