Splash Mountain Reopens

Splash Mountain has reopened after @ 1 month refurbishment.  During this refurbishment the flume ride boats were fitted with a “Safety Lap Bar.”  Safety has been a question for some time, but got looked at with wider eyes after a death in 2000.  Most of the reason that the issue was never acted on was in concern that the lap bars would slow down the efficiency of loading, and unloading.

Photo courtesy of WDWMagic

I myself enjoy Splash Mountain the way it was, but if Disney feels that there is a safety issue, then I can’t really blame them for putting them in because someone somewhere would try to sue Disney if they got injured because of their own stupidity.  Think about it.  The lap bars are meant to keep you in place until the ride is over.  Obviously people have tried to get out of the boats before the ride is over otherwise why would Disney think about doing this?

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