The Debate – Alcohol or Smoking

I am a smoker, and I do not drink.  I am not bias in either situation.  I choose not to drink because one of my previous jobs showed me what alcohol can do to a life.

The government has brainwashed everyone to fully believe that smoking is bad.  While this may be true, they don’t brainwash anyone about the truly harmful “Alcohol.”  Being that there are no actual “set in standard” statistics for either incident there are many sources that can show statistics that they have compiled.

While smoking causes “First Hand”, and “Second Hand” diseases there are many factors to take into consideration.  While cancer is not something to take lightly, there is no puplicly shared hard proofed data regarding deaths caused by “smoking.”  They can say someone died from cancer, but I have yet to read “died from smoking.”

In my area of the globe we have a town that had a cancer outbreak that was apparently linked to a company with initials CG.  Cancer has been suspectedly linked to automotive exhaust, drinking, and quite a few more things.
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