Little One Loves Her Disney Princesses

Our little one gets almost anything that she asks for.  Sometimes Santa has to bring them, but she normally gets almost anything.  She asked for a Disney Princess tv many times.  Being an electronics tech I know what products usually do, and don’t work correctly, or for very long.  After we saw the tv at the store I made my notes to the wife that I am not particularly fond of any tv that has a dvd built into it.  For the size it looks like a nice tv, but that size won’t last forever with my little one anyway.  After reading up on many different tv reviews we decided against the tv.  We ended up recycling our bedrooms 42″ lcd to her.  Now we recently told her that if she wanted a princess tv that all she had to do was get some princess stickers, and do it up.  She didn’t find us very funny.

I guess she will have to listen to what is otherwise known as… “Father Knows Best”.

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