Hunting For Cruise Necessities

Leaving for our Disney Cruise in just about 14 days we are scrambling to get everything accomplished that we need done. We have been so consumed with getting our groups T-Shirts done that we never got to finish shopping for our Fish Extender goods. Now we are running around getting the stuff we need to get our Fish Extenders ready, and packed. We tried to think of anything that would go well for either kids, or adults. The FE is a very hard thing to prepare for.

Finding a large amount of things for a reasonable rate is a hard thing to do.  We found a real nice deal on EBay for some noise cancelling headphones. They were decorated, and good for boys, or girls. The cost is what set us back. We have thought of small toys, and some specialty things that we could make, but haven’t come to final thoughts on what to do.

So you ask “What is a Fish Extender?”

A Fish Extender is a set of pockets that hang outside of your cruise stateroom door. Usually before a cruise you get to talk to some of the other people that are going on the cruise on some sort of cruise forum. For our purposes it was DisBoards, and our own Facebook Group. Each participating person puts something surprise inside the FE. It is like Christmas in a way.

Have you ever participated in a FE? Have you ever done a Disney Cruise?

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Horseback Riding In Disney At Fort Wilderness

Ever since my daughter was young enough to take pony rides in Fort Wilderness she used to beg us to take her horseback riding.  Only within the past year has she actually nagged us to arrange a ride when we go to Disney World.  I have always told her that horseback riding in Disney is a very unique experience.  This past year we went to Disney World and she asked if we were going to go riding.  Due to funds being a bit low, and also having a very tight schedule of things to do we had to let her down.

She is now making a final request to go riding when we go back next time.  We had to tell her that on our next visit we will not be able to go riding because we will be on a 1 day hopper ticket that came with our Disney Cruise.  We did promise her that we would do it in December when we go to Disney for Christmas.

It costs @ $45 per person, and it is a 45 minute ride along the wilderness trail.

Where we are she could go riding, but it is very costly, and she would also have to have riding equipment like breeches, helmet, and anything else.  She is very happy about the upcoming ride in December.

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Eczema Issues In Disney

The doctor recently told my wife and I that our little one has a mild case of eczema.  He told us that a lot of things can cause it to act up, and on her heat is one of them.  Being we go to Disney at least once a year this news was not good for us.  So we asked the doctor what the best treatment of eczema would be when you can’t avoid the heat like when we go away to Disney.  He told us to try an over the counter ointment.  He told us to keep putting lotion on her, and try to keep her out of the heat as much as possible.  How do you keep someone out of the heat in Florida?  It’s always hot there, and the wife thinks we should go during the winter months so we don’t have as major of a problem.  Now this means we have to work around her school days, and holidays.

What are your thoughts about the heat in Florida, and things like eczema?

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